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WeShare Online Giving


WeShare is an online service through LPi, the company that creates our bulletin and newsletter.

WeShare facilitates online giving for weekly

and monthly offerings, special collections,
event tickets, and more. WeShare uses the
safest security features available to protect
every account.


WeShare’s donation options provide amount and frequency flexibility for parishioners to match their church giving plan to their household financial budget. With WeShare, parishioners can make:


    • A one-time online donation

    • Set recurring online donations

    • Disperse online donations weekly, monthly, semi-monthly, or quarterly


WeShare gives parishioners the flexibility, and will make giving easier  to manage and remember. Parishioners have full access to their online giving history at any time. Contributions can be sorted by:

    • Calendar year

    • Specific collection

    • Specific event


With a few clicks of the mouse, it is easy to manage online donations. Parishioners can easily login at anytime to edit:

    • Personal information

    • Payment source

    • Donation amount

    • Donation frequency


Reports can be downloaded into an easy-to-read PDF format. Year-end giving reports are available by January 5th every year for parishioners’ convenience. Parishioners will receive automatic e-mails when:

    • An online donation is processed

    • Registration for an event is submitted

    • Credit card expirations reminders

    • Any unsuccessful transactions


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