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The Sacraments

The parish celebrates the presence of Christ through its sacramental life. The gathered assembly is the first sign of Christ’s presence.

The seven sacraments are particular ways the community recalls the mystery of salvation and is renewed in faith, hope, and love. Personal prayer and private devotions feed and enrich the community worship.


The Sacraments are extraordinary gifts through which God touches our lives and deepens our Faith. For this reason, Sacraments are to be treated with the greatest care and reverence, and not in any way that might diminish their sacredness or specialness. The Parish, therefore, in its care for the sacraments and their worthy reception, requires parental participation in classes that anticipate their child’s reception of the Sacraments of Baptism, Eucharist, Confirmation, and Reconciliation. The sole intention of these classes is to deepen and enhance the understanding and appreciation of the particular sacrament. Adults preparing for the Sacrament of Marriage are required to attend one of several types of marriage programs offered, for the same reason. Finally, we do not accept anyone for ‘sacramental preparation’ unless they are registered in the parish.


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